Manager - HRD, Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd., Pune

“We at Cybage Software Pvt Ltd would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to you, for conducting the yoga workshop held in April 2011.We appreciate the efforts and level of professionalism that you have shown during the workshop.The entire 15 days workshop was conducted very smoothly and we would definitely like to associate with you in near future. We wish you all the very best”

Rohan, Bajaj Allianz LIC Ltd, Pune

“Before I joined BalancedBodies, I found that I was concentrating only on the body and less on the mind. Now after practicing several Yogasana and doing different meditations in your workshop, the positive results have come very quickly. Physically, the stretching of Yoga helps me perform better in my other physical activities. As a result of stretching and strengthening my muscles, I find that I have fewer aches and pains. I am impressed by the step by step approach. Mentally, my ability to push away unhealthy stress has increased. Doing exactly as instructed my tightness and pain have reduced. Absolute worth it! I am loving it. Thanks a lot! ”

Sachin Pise, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Pune

“Before starting with yoga, I was suffering from acidity and now I am totally recovered from it. The session conducted during this period was very systematic and effective. Increased concentration level and meditation helped in stress management. Good Luck to the Yoga team and Special thanks to Bhakti for consistent support and guidance. ”

Rakesh, L&T Infotech, Pune

“Indeed a wonderful workshop for stress management and meditation. Amazed to know various types of meditations you conduct. You were very good.”

Kanikaa Kapoor , Cognizant Technology Solutions, Pune

“It was very nice and knowledgeable experience for me. For so many years I was trying to learn correct yoga postures and breathing exercises. I am very grateful to instructor Bhakti for teaching us so well and patiently.”

Onkar Khatavkar , Cybage

“ The trainers are quite knowledgeable and professional too. I hope many more session would be conducted in future. Thanks a lot! ”

Ruth Tribhuvan, Cognizant Technology Soutions, Pune

“I would really like to thank Bhakti and Pankaj for conducting this work shop. Bhakti is a very knowledgeable, professional and an approachable instructor. The session was very helpful in terms of health benefits like increase in flexibility and stamina. The asanas were taught in the correct way. Most importantly, the sessions were aptly designed with proper consideration toward our lifestyle and limitations. I really appreciate the effort taken by the BalancedBodies team and highly recommend their punctual and professional style of working. I would be most interested in an advanced session of Yoga with them in the near future.”

Vishal Jadhav, Cybage

“A very good experience to have calm mind and good fresh mood after doing yoga workshop. Both of them were very friendly and took care of us all the time. I thank Cybage and both trainers for yoga workshop. ”

Shilpa Dahedekar, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Pune

“Thanks to all u guys Bhakti, Dhanashri, Pankaj for this wonderful experience of yoga. Bhakti is really very good instructor. She is perfect in ASANAs she told us to do, so inspiring me to give my best while performing Asanas. Meditation taught is very useful to handle work stress. The personal attention shown by her towards each participant is highly appreciating. Hope to see you guys back again with some advanced yoga sessions.”

Admin , Bajaj Allianz LIC Ltd, Pune

“We hereby take an opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciate you and your organization for arranging such a lovely and wonderful 15 Day workshop for our company employees on Yoga-Stress Management. We have received acclamation from everyone for your efforts taken in conducting the workshop, in-depth knowledge you posses and the simple techniques to overcome complex issues. We wish you and your organization all the best for future and wish to arrange more workshops in coming days.”

Rutuja, Maersk India

“It was delightful participating your yoga workshop for weight loss and obesity. Your words sound simple, practical and genuine. I wish I can follow your instructions for many days. I am really amazed by the step by step process of leading your participants. Looking forward for your guidance. ”

Deeksha Sharma, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Pune

“I enjoyed & learned a lot during this workshop. Bhakti has been very good and concerned regarding health issues & she was always instructing us for following or not to follow the asanas useful/harmful for one having some health problems. The best part of workshop was that the instructor Bhakti was paying attention to each and every individual and was able to control & guide each one of us. I am very greatful for the way they shown their kind concerns and instructions regarding my health issues. It was very nice to have both of them and it was a great experience during the workshop. Thank you & would like to attend the workshop again in future as well”

L&T Infotech, Pune

“Excellent sessions on stress management and meditation. sessions like this should regularized for all employees.”

- Raj Trivedi, Cybage

“The asanas were very good. Some of those were helpful for my posture. Relaxation techniques were also very good and helped me a lot.”

Umesh Kulkarni, Cybage

“Has given me results in my back pain problem. Have enjoyed session a lot. ”

Diptyranjan Padhy, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Pune

“The yoga session conducted by BalancedBodies was great help to me. It really helped me to reduce my back pain, relax and most importantly value my health. The only complaint I have is "why did the session come to an end so quickly?" I sincerely wish and hope that we can have such sessions in future and hopefully for a longer duration, maybe for 1 month or 2 months. ”

Anjali Suresh Dand, Cybage

“Yoga sessions were very helpful. Breathing, stretching of body ability to do most of asanas, these things are positives. Both the instructors are very co-operative, understanding and well learned. Good experience with nature. ”

Vaishali Kulkarni, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Pune

“Bhakti is very much approachable for any queries / problems. She has helped me beyond the expectations and her help has really helped me a lot. I would recommend her for future corporate yoga @ Cognizant”

Ritika Naseri, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Pune

“In my yoga practice I could extend my limitations, with less efforts can hold postures longer and have more confidence and joy in during my practice. I see changes outside my Yoga practice too. I have more energy, more patience and I feel fresh all the day :). Yoga has brought peace and balance within the everyday struggle and stress in life. However I would have loved to learn more variety of Asanas. Keep up the good work of making everyone aware of good health habits. Cheers!!”

Sathish Kumar, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Pune

“This yoga workshop was really useful to me – it reduced my short temper and increased in concentration level. I want you people to conduct the advance level of the yoga course in our office.”

Ashish Thapar, TCS, Pune.

“As a first timer for Yoga, these sessions helped me to be confidant to carry out Yoga Aasans myself. Trainers are interactive, confidant and are always attentive to queries, personal assistance. I am very satisfied to have my first training at the hands of such experienced trainers. I wish all the best to them. ”

Aditi Sinhal, TCS, Pune.

“It was a great experience to be a part of this program. I appreciate the efforts and loyalty given by the instructors during the sessions. I definitely want you to come again in our office with more innovation and many new Aasans and Pranayams , with a long term agreement . “A sound Mind lives in a Healthy Body” I really felt the meaning of this phrase when we used to come back for work after yoga session and meditation. With this I am eagerly waiting for these kinds of sessions in future again soon. ”

Ranjan Sharma, TCS, Pune.

“It was a very useful workshop with a good effort to give individual attention. The faculty was very patient and did take efforts to make us learn the exercises. One of the best thing was the approachability and comfort the faculty developed with the students. Thanks a lot for the classes. Was nice knowing you and learning things from you. Hope we have more such sessions. ”

Aparna Jayaraman, TCS, Pune.

“I really enjoyed every session of the yoga. Excellent!! Explaination of every asanas along with its merits and demerits. Also examples given was very good for understanding. I would appreciate if TCS HR and BalancedBodies Yoga team could arrange and conduct these kind of sessions more which will be very benefical for every employee's health. Thank you - BalancedBodies Yoga team and TCS Pune HR once again for conducting and arranging such Corporate Yoga session!!. ”

Vishal Sonvalkar, TCS, Pune.

“This was an excellent program conducted in a very professional and practical manner. All the instructors gave personal attention to each of the participants and dedicated sufficient time to practice each of the asans. Would prefer to have this continued as a instructor led workshop month on month so that the practice continues in a focussed and guided manner. This will contribute immensely to the overall fitness and health in the long run. ”

Smitha Kochunny, Synechron, Pune.

“I would admit that I always felt the difference after every session, I have always come out of the session calm and relaxed :-). Would love to attend more of your sessions Pankaj. Thanks. ”

Hemant Pallod, Synechron, Pune.

“Hi Pankaj and team, Thank you all for inspiring , motivating and encouraging us get into this routine of doing yoga. This definitely had helped me & my team to reduce some of the work stress and I can see the difference in their interaction with each other and also their focus towards work improved a bit. I am sure this will help them keep fit and charged to execute their duties at office and also at home. This introductory classes will help us a long way and all the credit to you and your institute for making it so simple and interesting. Looking forward for the next level/batch. Also special thanks to Synechron Management & Employ care for arranging and allowing us to attend it during office hours.”

Navodita Shrivastava, Synechron, Pune.

“Firstly, it was excellent initiative taken by the organisers of both Balanced Bodies and Synechron HR. The course was very useful and it was great learning experience. The instructor are very knowledgeable and interactive. I also like to thanks Bhakti for the aasans she taught as a part of Chair Yoga. I was having knee pain from months and just by practising the 2 aasans the pain and swelling has totally gone. It's really amazing. The only disappointment i feel is in terms of time duration. The course duration was quite less, and due to this some parts of meditation, chanting and aasnas were missed. But, still this whole month is worth it and hope to see the classes being scheduled for more months, so that we get fully benefitted.”

Manoj Waghmare, Synechron, Pune.

“The workshop was very useful and knowledgeable. There was a good mixture between presentation and exercises. The trainer succeeded in making all participants enthusiastic about the yoga and focused on each and every participants while doing exercises. ”

Kedar Mahagoankar, MindTree, Pune.

“It was really a very good course. Bhakti/Pankaj, thank you very much for such a great sessions and giving us new way of living :). I appreciate all your efforts and knowledge you put in to train us. I will not be able to join the next session in MindTree however, I want to join the course at the Pimpale Soudagar. Please let me know about the course timings for this location. I have a small suggestion. If we can get a sequence of the ASANs it will be of great help. What I mean is, for example, after SURYA-NAMASKAR we used to do the KATI CHALAN. So while doing YOGASAN at home, if we should follow such sequence of ASAN then your instructions will help us a lot. ”

Pratap Patil, MindTree, Pune.

“I joined the class to learn the breathing technique and Surya Namaskar. Happy with the Surya Namaskar and Yoga; Breathing needs practice from my side. :) Overall it was a excellent learning. Both trainers are good at their Yoga knowledge, being polite and friendly. Thanks for coming to MindTree campus and sharing your knowledge about Yoga and teaching the same. Thanks once again!! ”

Priyanka Mane; MindTree, Pune.

“After attending this yoga class I realized that how beneficial this yoga is. Good thing about this class is they ask about your problems and teach asnas those are helpful for your problems. Bhakti is really good facilitator. She explains every aasan in detail, benefits of it, prcautions and also demo it. It covers different types of asanas, pranayam and meditation. Everyone should attend this class. ”

Sameer Kerhalkar, MindTree, Pune.

“Session was really good.Bhakti and Pankaj have experties in yoga and meditation techniques. They studied our forms carefully and told us(who are having back pain or BP problems) which Aasanas we should not perform. Bhakti knew each member attending the session with his/her name, which showed their caring for the members. ”

Satish Warrier, L&T Infotech, Pune.

“It was a pleasant experience to do yoga under the qualified instructor Bhakti. The sessions were excellent with a good control on the timings, starting and ending on time. The demonstration and the encouragement by the Instructor helped me to do the yoga posture to near perfection. I have been wanting to learn Suryanamaskar for a while now … and it was a perfect opportunity for me to learn and practice the same for the past few weeks… and I plan to continue this for lifetime now. I would urge more colleagues to take part in these session as I am sure that it till benefit them. Thank you Bhakti for the wonderful yoga session over the last one month and Thanks to the HR team for enabling the session ”

Shrikant Khurandal, L&T Infotech, Pune.

“Simply Best !! Well form and arranged with good course content. Fully satisfied with session. Keep it up. ”

Mubarak Momin, L&T Infotech, Pune.

“Yoga Workshop was very useful for me as I was suffering from back pain.I was not able to sit on chair for more than half an hour.I got a relief from back pain and now I can concentrate on my work.Thanks a lot. ”

Varsha Avtani, L&T Infotech Pune.

“I have benefited in several ways with this one month yoga workshop. My stamina and diet has improved. I used to have severe pain in my stomach and in this yoga workshop month, it was almost negligible. It relieved my back pain caused due to long sitting hours in office. Thank You. :) ”

Shashank Hardeniya, Cognizant, Pune.

“This is my second workshop . Workshop was very helpful and well structured . I feel healthy and fit than before. I had some back problem and it used to trouble me very much. But now I don’t have any back pain . I want to thank Bhakti Madam and Pankaj Sir for their assistance that i can go on with my routine normally without any worry. ”

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