We provide authentic ayurvedic medicinal treatments as well Panchakarma treatments for rejuvenation, weight loss and weight gain, skin and beauty treatment. Body purification , body immunisation and stress management. Treatments for arthritis,kidney stones, indigestion, ulcers, I.B.S. diabetes, thyroid, hypertension, psoriasis, vitiligo ,dermatitis,paralysis, spondylisis, backache, frozen shoulder, Gyanacological problems like infertility, P.C.O.D. irregular mensus, D.U.B., etc are our speciality. We treat paediatric group in ailments like lack of concentration, low immunity, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, obesity in paediatrics, chronic/allergic cough and cold, skin problems in kids, V.S.D. and A.S.D. of heart in paediatric, epilepsy, late milestones.

The various types of panchkarma treatments as below are available :

Purva karma

Snehapaan:- Snehapaan or drinking of Ghrut or oil is a purvakarma necessary before vaman and virechan. It is decided upon the basis of nadi and the disease how much and how many days snehapaan is to be taken

Snehan swedan:- Massage and fomentation, it is necessarily done as purva karma in Panchakarma procedure as well it is done as a rejuvenating treatment. Therapeutic massages for various problems are given according to the ailments with different type of ayurvedic oils. Accupressure massages are also given according to the problems. We also give aroma massages for relaxation and rejuvenation, special aroma oils are used for such massages. Fomentation in the form of wet and dry both are given.

- Pinda/pottali swed:- rice and milk medicated fomentation. In this treatment the fomentation is given with the help of pottali in which cooked brown rice in ayurvedic medicines and milk is cooked and massaged with the help of milk. This treatment is given for skin treatments, arthritis, any osteoporotic or osteophytic problems.

- Patra pottali:- also a type of pinda swed used to treat skin problems like eczema and psoriasis.

- Shirodhara:- A dhara of oil is continuously poured on the patients head at the gnyan bindu. This helps in relieving tension, anxiety, lack of sleep, lack of concentration, lack of recalling or grasping.

- Takradhara:-A dhara of medicated buttermilk is used instead of oil in patients having hair and scalp problems.

- Agnikarma:-At the typical points the heat is been transformed with the help of particular metals like gold, silver, panch dhatu. This treatment is used for acute pains, corns and luecoderma.

Pradhan karma

Vaman:- The first karma in Panchakarma is vaman- induced vomiting.This is specially given to the patients having kapha pradhan problems like asthama, chronic cough, migraine, hairfall, digestion problems, chronic ear problems and all types of problems urdhva nabhigat i.e. above the naval.

Virechan:- Induced loose motions or virechana is given to patients having pitta pradhan problems like acidity, liver problems, high level uric acid levels, kidney /liver/pancreatic/spleen/cardiac problems. Skin problems like psoriasis/eczema.

Basti:- Basti is called the half treatments { ARDHA CHIKITSA} of ayurveda. Basti/Medicated enema of oils/ghee/ decoction/milk mixed with honey/different medicines can be given for almost all diseases. Basti is simplest and most suitable Panchakarma for modern day life. It can be given to all ages from 8 to 80years of age. It is given for both cleansing as well as for increasing energy and stamina.

Nasya:- Nasya one of the Panchakarma is especially given in Urdhvajatrugat roga i.e. ailments above the neck.

Nasa Hi Shiraso Dwaram

Nose is called the opening of brain. So in any problem related to brains and E.N.T. nasya is the best treatment. Nasya includes facial massage and fomentation with medicated oils, putting the drops in nose and then dhumpaan i.e. dhum of special medicines. Sinus wash is very well given with nasya .Nasya is one of the necessary treatment in infertility related to hormones.

Raktamokshan:- Raktamokshan or bloodletting is done in different ways. The most common way of bloodletting is LEECH APPLICATION. Blood letting is done in the patients with acute pains{arthritis, gout, rheumatism}, pimples or any skin problems. Raktamokshan is best treatment in pains with C.R.P. positive { vatarakta} We suggest Blood letting in the hypertension {just detected and medicines not yet started}or pitta prakruti or pitta problems. In localised skin problems blood letting alone without any medication can be treated. Panchakarmas specially for eyes:- We give the following Panchakarma for eyes:- NETRA TARPAN:- netra tarpan is a particular netra massage soothing and rejuvenating with medicated ayurvedic ghrutas. NETRA BASTI:- it is given in almost all eye ailments. Many kids with this treatment and some medication and exercises have got rid from there spectacles and many have got their myopic number reduced.


Post treatments after Panchakarma are known as paschat karma. This medicinal treatment is divided in three types:

Rasayan chikitsa:- This medicinal treatment is given as energetic medicines like in the form of suvarna kalp, rajat kalp, chyavanprash etc. and medicines that nourish our body. Post Panchakarma is shudh or cleansed body so given nourishment to such body, it absorbs more potentially and easily. A treatment in now a days form we can give is the best nutritional supplements also with the different kalpas.

Aaushadhi chikitsa:- This is named to the proper medicinal treatment in the form of churnas, kashayas, tablets/vati, capsules, asavas and arishtas for the concerned ailment. Aaushadhi chikitsa in the various forms is given after Panchakarma according to the bala of roga/rugna i.e. stamina of the patient and how powerful the ailment is.

Apunarbhav chikitsa:- the medicinal treatment given in the form so that the ailement doesn’t recurr again is called apunarbhav chikitsa. These also have some rasayan chikitsa.

Special Aaushadhi Chikitsa:- Some medicines specially related to vajikaran are one of the part of medicinal treatment. Vajikaran treatments are for the male infertility problems and for masculine debility. Such medicines are far more better than the viagras and sex stimulant steroids and doping medicines taken by sportsmen now a days.

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